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Construction Disputes

Are They Building Condos Better? Tyler Berding
Attorney Fees in California Construction Defect Cases - What Clients Should Know about Fee Contracts, Referral Fees, And Professional Ethics Tyler Berding
The Berding & Weil Approach to Managing Defects in Buildings: Why litigation may not always be your first choice  
The Berkeley Balcony Tragedy: More Inspections Aren't Enough Tyler Berding
Did You Already Blow the Statute of Limitations?   (PDF download) Tyler Berding
Get the Facts Out Now! - Early preparation of a construction defect claim can produce quicker results Lucas Olona
Good Legal Advice or Confidence Game? You Decide. Tyler Berding and
Sandra Bonato
Landslides: Nuisance or Construction Defect? Tyler Berding
The Mediator's View: An Interview with Jonathan Margolis Tyler Berding
The Three-Year Trap and Other Problems with an Association's Records in Litigation Elizabeth Bassett
What You Don't Know - When do Statutes of Limitation begin to run on Construction Claims? Tyler Berding
When Your CC&Rs Hate You - Or, How Developer Protections in Governing Documents Work to Block Association Defect Claims  
Why "As Is" Really Isn't How It Is:... - The Legal Effect Of "As-Is" Clauses in the Context of Homeowners Association Defect Claims  
Why We Try Cases - An Interview with the Trial Attorneys at Berding & Weil Tyler Berding
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